File I/OΒΆ

Umpire provides support for writing files containing log and replay data, rather than directing this output to stdout. When logging or replay are enabled, the following environment variables can be used to determine where the output is written:

UMPIRE_OUTPUT_DIR . Directory to write log and replay files UMPIRE_OUTPUT_BASENAME umpire Basename of logging and relpay files

The values of these variables are used to construct unique filenames for output. The extension .log is used for logging output, and .replay for replay output. The filenames additionally contain three integers, one corresponding to the rank of the process, one corresponding to the process ID, and one that is used to make multiple files with the same basename and rank unique. This ensures that multiple runs with the same IO configuration do not overwrite files.

The format of the filenames is:


If Umpire is compiled without MPI support, then rank will always be 0.